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Naziv projekta: Research and conservation of proposed marine Natura 2000 sites of Novigrad and Karin Sea, Croatia
Datum upisa: 2012-04-16 08:37:55
Organizacija: Eko-Zadar, non profit NGO for organic land use and environment protection
Država: Croatia
Puno ime: Atana Grbić
Adresa: Liburnska obala 6, 23 000 Zadar
E-mail: [email protected]
Telefon: 023 300 120
Opis partnera: Partners who are involved in nature conservation
Prioritet 1:
Prioritet 2: Mjera 2.1: Zaštita prirode i okoliša/Measure 2.1: Protection of nature and environment
Opis projekta: Research activites and promotion
Glavne aktivnosti: Novigrad and Karin Sea, Croatia are one of many marine proposed sites for the future Natura 2000 ecological network in Croatia. In order to help in the selection process in the establishment of the Natura 2000 network in Croatia, better understanding of biological, ecological and landscape diversity of these specific ecosystems on both expert and practical level is needed. Through education and promotional materials such as brochures and info-boards/panels, local people will be informed on biotic and abiotic resources of Novigrad and Karin Sea as well as on their protection. Expected results would be better understanding of Novigrad and Karin Sea ecosystems that could help in decision making processes for establishment of Natura 2000 in the area as well as for sustainable development of various activities in the area (fishing, aquaculture, agriculture, and tourism) and raising public awareness for their conservation.
Vrijednost projekta (€):
Trajanje projekta: 18 - 24 months
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