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Ovaj dio je namijenjen svim potencijalnim kandidatima koji su u potrazi za projektnim partnerima. Ako želite pretraživati postojeće kontakte i projektne ideje molimo Vas da koristite našu tražilicu.

Naziv projekta: Idea Sourcing Service
Datum upisa: 2017-11-23 08:16:43
Organizacija: Global Commercial Associates LLC
Država: Other
Puno ime: Evans Mithika
Adresa: 704 North King Street, Suite 500
E-mail: [email protected]
Telefon: 3022204940
Opis partnera: N/A
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Opis projekta: "Hello,
This proposal is not for just one idea but an offer to your company to adopt a vastly better way to get many innovations quickly and so affordably compared to piece-meal third-party submissions.
By outsourcing your idea sourcing to us, you'll be connected with world class idea creators from all across the world, generating hundreds of relevant and valuable ideas through crowd-sourcing.
You can sign up immediately and start receiving ideas within hours.
Want to be the star of your company’s ideas and innovations sourcing?
Source for hundreds of fresh ideas fast with their intellectual property attributed to your company at just a fraction of an average patent. To find out more, sign up and get details here;

Glavne aktivnosti: New Idea Service
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