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Ovaj dio je namijenjen svim potencijalnim kandidatima koji su u potrazi za projektnim partnerima. Ako želite pretraživati postojeće kontakte i projektne ideje molimo Vas da koristite našu tražilicu.

Naziv projekta: Joint tourism offer
Datum upisa: 2013-10-21 10:38:06
Organizacija: NGO Alternative Kakanj
Država: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Puno ime: Maksuma Topalović
Adresa: Šehidska 5, 72240 Kakanj
E-mail: [email protected]
Telefon: +387 32 556 288
Opis partnera: We are looking for partners focused on development of rural and cultural tourism as well as on promotion of tourism offer. Partners should have experience in creation and promotion of tourism offer or education of people about providing tourism services.
It is also desirable that applying partners have minimum annual budget of 50000 €.
Prioritet 1: Measure 1.1: Joint development of tourism offers
Prioritet 2:
Opis projekta: The project will be focused on the following problems: inadequate accommodation capacities in rural areas, incomplete tourism offer, non-functional and inadequately used existing resources, lack of professional management, and seasonal work mode.
The project activities will indirectly contribute towards solving other problems such as: lack of long-term vision at local level, particularly in BiH, which involves investing into tourism sector, and lack of domestic capital for significant renovation of tourism offer.
The problems mentioned above have as a consequence short stays of tourists and small number of overnight stays. Therefore, the idea is to build up local tourism capacities and to create joint tourism offer in order to increase the number of overnight stays in target municipalities.
Glavne aktivnosti: Creation of tourism offer, education about tourism services and promotion of tourism offer towards tourism agencies and potential tourists
Vrijednost projekta (€): 120000 - 130000
Trajanje projekta: 24 months
Prethodno iskustvo: We implemented a tourism-related projected "Developing tourism through education and promotion in Central BiH" that was financed by the EU. Total value of the project was 166165 €.
We have also published several tourism-related documents and studies.