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Naziv projekta: Introduction of a new social TeleCare support for elderly and desabled persons living alone in their homes
Datum upisa: 2013-10-11 14:30:34
Organizacija: Halo za Pomoć Split
Država: Hrvatska
Puno ime: Perica Vučemilović
Adresa: Put Trstenika 1, Split
E-mail: [email protected]
Telefon: +385915219866
Opis partnera: We are looking for partners in BiH - NGOs providing social services for elderly people; Old People's Homes or Red Cross or any other similar organization dealing with welfare od elderly and disablade persons; we need partners who will help us present our program, promote its activities in public and introduce the social TeleCare service in BiH where this kind of service is completely unknown.
Prioritet 1:
Prioritet 2: Mjera 2.2: Poboljšanje pristupa uslugama u lokalnoj zajednici u pograničnom području
Opis projekta: HALO za POMOĆ (Hello for Help) is a 24 TeleCare service for elderly and disabled persons living alone in their homes. The program is successfully implemented in Republic Croatia (Split-dalmatia county) for more than decade. For everything we've said below, we ensure you that we would raise the quality of life of elderly and/or disabled persons in cross-border area by promoting and raising awareness of public of benefits of this kind of social service in their communiities. Prior to spread our basic activity (24-hour monitoring and TeleCare service) our intention is to present the Program out of its current implementation area, to people of BiH, in order to spread its activities and animate public, especially our potential users from areas, counties, in which our Social Tele Care service has not been implemented yet.

In the future we would like to implement our program in fully in area of BiH and with the help and assistance of our potential partners. We now serve about 100 users in R Croatia, older that 60 years (mostly around 80 and older). This monitoring service has 2 empleyees and about 10 volunteers. We will together with our potential partners enable our users to call for help and assistance using special telecare devices/sensors and free phone (in cooperation with local tele-providers). Telecare devices will automatically alert the monitoring centre which is ideal for people with poor sight, hearing difficulties or limited dexterity and mobility. Telecare offers remote care of old and less able people. In its simple form, it can refer to a fixed or mobile telephone with the connection to a monitoring centre (Centre Halo Za Pomoć) through which the user can raise an alarm. When an alarm/sensor is activated, it sends a radio signal to a central unit in the user’s home which automatically calls a 24-hour monitoring centre of our potential partner’s organization where trained operaters can take appropriate action, inform our intervantion support team and send them to the spot.
Glavne aktivnosti: to inform the public on the Programs objectives and expected results and raise awareness among citizens od BiH and all important stakeholders in targeting area of the importance of this Program implementation for entire community, especially for targeting group, old and psysically less able and disabled people and their relatives, to prepare media presentation of the Program, conduct informative interviews with potential users, edit and broadcast radio and TV jingles on local radio and TV stations, prepare promo material, meet with all important stakeholders in the region to inform them on the Program and also to get some useful information that might be used for the further Program implementation, to educate people our potential partners of how to provide this service to their users and implement it in the best way in areas of their interests and needs
Vrijednost projekta (€): 70000
Trajanje projekta: 6-9 months
Prethodno iskustvo: Centar HALO ZA POMOĆ (Hello for Help) is an NGO founded in 2004 for the purpose of implementation of programme of 24 hours monitoring and assistance by the phone for elderly and disabled persons (TeleCare) in area of the Split-Dalmatia County. The NGO was established on 10 December 2009 by private parties/individuals in accordance with the Law on CSOs in Croatia, with an aim to develop, and aslo to provide, different social services for disabled persons and elder population and other people in need, and to promote sensibilisation of the problem of this vulnerable population in society. This is the main programme of the organisation initiated in 2002 with an aim to increase psycho-physical security and independence of helpless and isolated persons who want to live longer in their homes and in the surrounding familiar to them. The programme has been designed, implemented and developed in compliance with technical and organisational norms of the EU and with positive practise of the big European charity organisations that offer the same programme within the package of their social services for elderly people (Red Cross, Caritas, Samaritanians and similar). We starter this innovative Program 10 years ago with a great help of foreign donators; they recognized our potential then and we succedded to make it respectable and valuable for entire community, especially for our users, in this part of Croatia.
The greatest value of the Program is that it was well excepted by the public and by our users from the very beginning, and in the community with conservative mentality, strict and old-fashioned attitudes that did not often accept new and innovative ideas.
Our 24-hour monitoring enables all our users, and we count 500 of the by now, age 85 avarage and mostly form Split and surondigs (Solin, Kaštela, Trogir, an island of Brač, Čiovo...) to live in their homes approximately seven years longer-many of them tilll their death-which is indicator of the high quality of service we have been providing for our users for many years, helping them through increasing their security and self confidence to accept easier the ballast of oldness and weakness they have to face with.