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Naziv projekta: CROss-BOrder Solution for water pollution in Sava river basin (CROBOS) - Efficient Management of Water Supply System and drainage and treatment of Waste Water in Municipality of Tešanj
Datum upisa: 2010-07-27 11:18:15
Organizacija: Municipality of Tešanj (Općina Tešanj)
Država: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Puno ime: Ismar Alagić, D.Sc.
Adresa: Trg Alije Izetbegovic 11, BA-74260 Tešanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina
E-mail: [email protected]
Telefon: +387(0)32650022; +387(0)61792808
Opis partnera: Eligible partner for Cross-Border Programme Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina 2007-2013 (e.g. Agency for Water Management; Ministry for Water Supply; Utility Company; Municipalities; Regional Development Agency, etc.)
Prioritet 1:
Prioritet 2: Mjera 2.1: Zaštita prirode i okoliša/Measure 2.1: Protection of nature and environment
Opis projekta: Preparation (establishment of proper conditions that will facilitate research and investigation work, procurement of GIS, etc.), Execution (making of the whole necessary project documentation and pilot project), and Monitoring & Evaluation (. External ev
Glavne aktivnosti: The mainstream of the project would be detailed analysis of current state of water distribution networks in two municipalities in Sava river basin, generating network model of sustainable delivery of water supply and sanitation, model calibration with leakage detection of drinking water and additionally providing the managing system of water supply infrastructure in above mentioned areas. The analysis of current state is based on existing GIS (Geographic Information System) data, followed by preparation of each municipality (Municipality Tešanj and municipality from Croatia) hydraulic model. At the moment present water supply network control systems in Sava river basin municipalities as well as some Croatian areas are not able to provide sufficient quantity of drinking water that community need for living and economic development. Municipality of Tešanj has significant problem with disposal of sanitation waters. Municipality of Tešanj has expressed the need for implementation of the management system of water supply. During the preparation of the project has been pointed out that no legal person matches the requirements on national level. Therefore it is necessary to obtain the tool and the know-how by transnational approach. Other advantage of the approach is territorial cohesion in a way to reduce pollution of Sava river basin and protect drinking water resources in the cross-border areas.
Vrijednost projekta (€): 300.000,00
Trajanje projekta: 24 months
Prethodno iskustvo: - MDGF "Culture for Development", Investor: UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF -Bosnian Kingdom Trail, Investor: Devlegation of European Commission through MOZAIK Foundation.