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Datum upisa: 2013-01-24 10:49:42
Organizacija: development agency
Država: Croatia
Puno ime: Adela Zobundžija
Adresa: Trg Eugena Kvaternika 6, 43000 Bjelovar
E-mail: [email protected]
Telefon: 0038543221590
Opis partnera: Development Agency, Technology Park and Business Incubator (center) oriented towards stimulating the development of new technology, innovation and help start-up businesses

Prioritet 1: Measure 1.2: Promotion of entrepreneurship
Prioritet 2:
Opis projekta: Business Technology and Development Center is the place where connect science (experts) and entrepreneurs who want to develop new ideas and products that facilitate their own development based on new knowledge and developing new technologies. TEH-CRO is a planned organized center, infrastructure has been built in an environmentally regulated area and offers start-up entrepreneurs benefits in the form of consulting, marketing, networking and other services penetration in the market. Besides all this, there will be carried out professional trainings, conferences and seminars according to the needs of SMEs for training.
Technology Park will be established in the town of Bjelovar near the institution of higher education (Technical High School - Mechatronics) with the aim to bring together top scientists with companies in growth and development.
The center will be a kind of incubator, which ensures the concentration of knowledge, high technology, education and connection with national and international educational institutions.
The task of the Center will be the provision of space, the favorable terms of the placement and providing business and technical infrastructure as well as to support joint research and development projects which includes connecting with the counseling institutions, networks at the local, county, regional and national level, all in order to develop and promote technologically advanced and innovative entrepreneurship.
The main objectives:
- Creation of new businesses,
- Creation of new jobs,
- Development and greater use of modern technology and innovation
- Transfer of knowledge by connecting the international level
- The application of scientific knowledge and research in economic practice,
- Attracting investments aimed at developing new technologies, increase the quality of education in schools in the region.
Glavne aktivnosti: 1. Created an environment with a critical mass of knowledge aware about the use of new technologies;
Vrijednost projekta (€): 1.000000,00
Trajanje projekta: 18-24 months
Prethodno iskustvo: 1. At the moment Business park Bjelovar is the coordinator for the Town of Bjelovar in the international project “Business Friendly Certificate South East Europe - International seal of quality for business-friendly municipalities (BFC SEE)” where the Town of Bjelovar was selected with other four Croatian cities Rijeka, Crikvenica, Osijek and Ivanec to participate in the implementation of activities to improve local economies and economic development and raising the competitiveness of the town cities to attract investors and to receive internationally recognized BFC (Business Friendly Certificate) - a certificate with the favorable business environment. Obtaining a certificate program is extensive and time consuming, and involves the fulfillment of certain strict and very demanding standards which are going to be to warrant to all potential foreign and domestic investors that the town of Bjelovar fully meets internationally recognized investment criteria.

2. Business Park Bjlovar was subcontractor in the bilateral project between Slovenia and Croatia within the Operational Programme SI-HR 2007 - 2013 FIDES (FROM IP TO BUSINESS: Developing environment for start up companies) in the period from 01.28 - 29.02.2012.g. with the task of Making benchmarking analysis - research and analysis of the business and technology parks and business incubators in Croatia where the survey covered 10 technology parks, incubators and 15 tenants in 70 parks / incubators.

3. Business Park Bjelovar is constantly involved in writing and implementing projects and programs of the Croatian Employment Service-Regional Office in Bjelovar in the aid for employment (social exclusion, the disabled, women, young people ...)-technical support, writing projects, counseling services.