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Youth Community Centres - CeZaM

Project title Youth Community Centres- CeZaM
CRO beneficiary Rehabilitation Centre for stress and Trauma
Grant value 101.775,05 €
IPA contribution 86.091,51 € (84,59%)
Partners in CRO City of Hrvatska Kostajnica
BiH beneficiary  
Zdravo da ste (Hi Neighbour)
Grant value 109.614,96 €
IPA contribution 93.172,72 € (85,00%)
Partners in BIH Municipality of Kostajnica

Project objectives/short summary


 The project is aimed at improvement of the quality of life and social cohesion of youth in border area. Its specific objectives are: A. To improve access to community based services for youth in cross-border area of Pounječ B. To enhance youth activism and participation in the life of local communities. Target groups are: 200 youth, age 15 to 30 from communities in project area; 25 youth leaders from youth CSOs and non-formal groups in project area.
Expected results: 1. Established and operating 2 Youth Community Centres and 4 Youth Info Centres in cross-border area of Pounje 2. 150 youth from 6 local communities in the border area improved quality of leisure time, knowledge and skills by participating in educational, creative, recreational and socialization programs and activities of Youth Community Centres and Youth Info Centres 3. 60 youth from 6 local communities across border improved inter-ethnic and cross – border understanding and cooperation 4. 25 youth from communities in cross-border area strengthened capacities for youth leadership and community based activism 5. Cross-border network of youth organizations and youth leaders developed bringing together 6 youth organizations and groups and 25 youth leaders 6. 4 new community oriented cross-border projects developed, led and implemented by Youth network are sub-granted and implemented.
Measure Measure 2.2: Improved accessibility to community-based services in the border area

Project start date

Project duration 24 months
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