Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

BEE Promoted

Project title  BEE Promoted
CRO beneficiary  Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology Centre for Food Technology and Biotechnology Zadar
Grant value  298.450,52 €
IPA contribution  248.728,66 € (83,34%)
Partners in CRO  Zadar County, Zadar County Development Agency ZADRA, Beekepers Association ˝Dalmatinka˝
BiH beneficiary  
 Veterinary Institute of the Una-Sana Canton, Bihać
Grant value  351 059,10 €
IPA contribution  298 084,28 € (84,91%)
Partners in BIH  Development Agency of the Una-Sana Canton, Beekeeper association "IVA", Posušje

Project objectives/short summary


 Overall objective is to contribute to the integration of economy in border areas by encouraging cooperation in SME support and entrepreneurship promotion in the production of honey and other bee products.

Specific objective is to improve institutional support services for beekeeping entrepreneurs and SMEs and to increase quality of their production and placement of honey and other bee products by raising their capacities, optimizing queen breeding conditions and strengthening their cooperation.

Measure  Measure 1.2: Promotion of entrepreneurship

Project start date

Project duration  24 months
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