Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

AgriBusiness- Agriculture Heritage Capitalization in Dubrovnik-Herzegovina Cross-Border Region

Project title AgriBusiness- Agriculture Heritage Capitalization in Dubrovnik-Herzegovina Cross-Border Region
CRO beneficiary City of Dubrovnik
Grant value 170.118,23 €
IPA contribution 135.669,29 € (79,75%)
Partners in CRO City of Dubrovnik Development agency DURA; Informest; University of Zagreb – Faculty of Agriculture; Kinookus Association
BiH beneficiary  
Municipality of Ravno
Grant value 202.053,45 €
IPA contribution 171.745,43 € (85,00%)
Partners in BIH Youth association for promotion of traditional products "Okusi Hercegovinu"; Oxfam Italia; University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Project objectives/short summary


The project is aimed at strengthening the cross-border rural economic development and competitiveness of typical regional agriculture production sector. Its specific objectives are: (1) Capitalization of agriculture heritage in Dubrovnik-Herzegovina cross-border area; (2) Stimulating access to regional and EU markets for local agriculture producers. Target groups are farms and SMEs in agriculture sector, institutions and NGOs, dealing with rural development, agricultural associations and cooperatives, retailers and distributers in food processing and tourism.
Estimated results: R1: Structured framework for agriculture sector support in cross-border area R2: Increased capacities and competitiveness of agriculture sector in Dubrovnik-Herzegovina area R3: Established sales channels to regional and EU markets R4: Successfully promoted Agriculture Heritage production and the EU perceived as a donor
Measure Measure 1.2: Promotion of entrepreneurship

Project start date

Project duration 24 months
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