Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Moving towards Successful public participation in the Sava River Basin water management

Project title Moving towards successful public participation in the Sava River Basin water management
CRO beneficiary Green Action
Grant value € 250.147,28
IPA contribution € 212.575,16 (84,98%)
Partners Green Dream
BiH beneficiary Association Centre for Development and Support
Grant value € 262.405,86
IPA contribution € 222.405,86 (84,76%)
Partners Ecological Coalition of the Una River Basin

Project objectives/short summary


The project purpose is to sensitize and educate public to actively participate in the creation of integrated cross-border water management plan for the Sava River Basin (Sava River Basin Management Plan). Major activities include meetings with local authorities and relevant institutions in the field of environmental protection in the border area, seminars, workshops and panels on water management; awareness raising activities, and media promotion of the project, participation in the drafting of an integrated plan for managing the Sava River Basin...
Measure Measure 2.1: Protection of nature and environment
Project start 01/01/2011
Project duration 24 months