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Talking books

Project title Talking books
CRO beneficiary Research Library Zadar
Grant value 49.955,17 €
IPA contribution 40.293,84 € (80,66%)
Partners in CRO Zadar County Development Agency  - ZADRA
BiH beneficiary City organization of blind Banja Luka
Grant value 49.934,30 €
IPA contribution 42.434,30 €(84,98%)
Partners in BIH

City development agency Banja Luka - CIDEA
Republic association of blind RS 

Project objectives/short summary


The CBC TALKING BOOKS project overarching goal was to contribute to the improvement of quality of life and social cohesion of blind and visually impaired persons in the Zadar County and Banja Luka Region.
This joint initiative of the Research Library of Zadar and the City Organization of blind of Banja Luka emerged from the need to bridge the difficulties that blind and visually impaired persons experience when trying to access information, knowledge or public services such as library. Through this project two bibliovehicles and necessary technical equipment for production of audio books were purchased, project partners' staff and visually impaired persons were trained on numerous training events, , transfer of good practices between partners is organised joint web platform for exchange of information and audio materials is created. Raising public awareness on the necessities of blind and visually impaired persons was one of main tasks of this action.
Several initiatives were taken within this project to identify current needs of blind and visually impaired persons with regards to their social environment. From recognised needs specific activities raised with emphases on improvement of availability and inventory of audio books in project area. Eight audio books were produced using the new Daisy equipment.
The project generated solid co-operation grounds among project partners who will continue to develop and sustain the service for the blind and visually impaired by updating the collection, maintenance of the equipment, attracting new members, organizing educational and animation activities for users, ensuring continuous training of library staff and promoting this kind of service.
Measure Measure 2.2: Improved accessibility to community based services
Project start date 21/03/2013
Project duration 12 months
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