Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Support to CSOs

Project title Support to CSOs for the improvement of social-cohesion in the border region of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
CRO beneficiary Association „UNA“, Srb
Grant value 58.042,08 €
IPA contribution 48.755,35 € (84%)
Partners in CRO Women Association Donji Lapac
BiH beneficiary Association „Woman from Una“
Grant value 57.914,82 €
IPA contribution 48.584,74 € (83,89%)
Partners in BIH Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB), Germany

Project objectives/short summary


The objective of the action was to increase social cohesion in the program area by strengthening capacities of CSOs in the field of provision of social services with special emphasizes on children support. To ensure socially and emotionally healthy development of children, the project established three Day-Care-Centres for vulnerable families with children and children without parental care in Donji Lapac and Srb municipalities (Croatia) and Kulen Vakuf (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Professional staff competent to provide social support and tailored counselling to children and their families was employed. The Project recognized that the provision of improved social services require partnership between relevant stakeholders in cross-border area, therefore it fostered co-operation and development of partnering relations among relevant ministries representatives, Centres for Social Welfare and local CSOs. Particular emphasis was placed on their capacity strengthening through tailor made trainings and on-the-job coaching. A study tour to Germany enabled exchange of knowledge and transfer of good practices which prepared ground for the adoption of the EU standards in delivery of social services. The social cohesion cross-border network established within the project serves as a platform for discussions, joint planning and sharing of experiences and additionally contributes to fostering of future cross-border co-operation opportunities.
Measure Measure 2.2: Improved accessibility to community based services 
Project start date 03/04/2013        
Project duration 12 months
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