Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

IM-BE Field

Project title Sustainable use of water resources in Imotsko-Bekijsko field (IM- BE Field)
CRO beneficiary Split- Dalmatia County
Grant value 361.792,06 €
IPA contribution 299.925,62 € 
Partners in CRO N/A
BiH beneficiary Municipality of Grude
Grant value 327.373,75 €
IPA contribution 277.907,58 € (84,89 %)
Partners in BIH N/A

Project objectives/short summary


Management of sustainable use of water resources in bordering areas of Split – Dalmatia and West Herzegovina was quite intensive before the war in 1990s'. However, lack of new infrastructure as well as years of negligence towards coordinated strategy for conservation of natural resources resulted in frequent flooding during rainy season, lack of water for irrigation during summer and formation of a number of "waste dumps". Aim of this project is to enhance cross-border cooperation and capacities for planning of sustainable use of shared water resources through a creation of solid foundations for integrated approach to structural investments in irrigation and drainage systems. Moreover, in order to increase the awareness of local population on the needs to reduce pollution of surface and underground waters and to get insight in the needs of all relevant stakeholders, several trainings and round tables were organised and 3000 copies of agricultural manuals (Manual for olive growing, raising the vineyard to protection of the vine and Manual for growing of cherry plantations) were created and distributed to local farmers. Numerous cleaning activities of illegal waste dumps were organised and a great number of waste container purchased on both sides of the border. In order to ensure basic preconditions for future investments in irrigation system, Agroeconomic study for IM-BE Field and Preliminary Technical Design for irrigation of Bekijsko Field were produced and Cost-Benefit Study is being prepared in line with the EC requirements as well as the Environmental Assessment Impact Study in line with national legislations. Final result of this project will be a set of documents necessary for a big scale infrastructural project investment.
Measure 2.1. Environmental protection
Project start date 1 3/07/2013
Project duration 24 months
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