Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Grain Trade Route, Kupa - Sava

Project title North-West BH-Inland Croatia cooperation for joint tourism destination: "Grain Trade Route, Kupa-Sava"
CRO beneficiary Municipality of Pokupsko
Grant value 351.690,25 €
IPA contribution 298.796,04 € (84,96%)
Partners in CRO Tourism Board of Sisak-Moslavina County, Tourism Board of Brod-Posavina County, Association”Zvono uz Kupu”, City of Karlovac, Karlovac County, Development Agency of Karlovac County
BiH beneficiary Republic Agency for development of Small and Medium Enterprises (RARS)
Grant value 303.661,88 €
IPA contribution 258.112,60 € (85%)
Partners in BIH Tourism Organization of Republika Srpska, Zelene Staze/Green Tour - Association for the support to sustainable development 

Project objectives/short summary


The project aims to develop and promote Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina cross-border region of middle Sava as a single tourist destination. The project uses integrated approach and connects actors that have a role in local tourism development. It encourages them to use each other's strengths towards making middle Sava cross-border tourism destinations more appealing. In this regard, small scale infrastructure will be improved. Through reviving of the route once used for river transport of grain, the project contributes to create and promote Grain Trade Route Kupa-Sava as a single tourist destination. A replica of historical wooden ship "korablja" will be made to enable 50 tourists at a time to navigate around cross-border area and experience different products and services along the Grain Trade Route. To further join currently fragmented tourist offers and strengthen co-operation along the Grain Trade Route, specific project activities are designed to: integrate available local tourist products and services into authentic products inventory; develop and promote navigation and other route maps in six selected destinations as well as set up navigation, biking and hiking routes web-based database; establish regional information exchange system and improve the promotion of the region's joint tourist offer. Moreover, the project will also raise capacities of local tourist organizations to offer competitive tourist products and develop a joint marketing plan. The catalogue of cross-border itineraries and single destination brochures are additional project results that will increase the overall visibility of the region's tourist offers.
Measure Measure 1.1: Development of joint tourist offer 
Project start date 02/07/2013
Project duration 24 months 
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