Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cross Border Volunteers Network for Local Development

Project title Cross Border Volunteers Network for Local Development
CRO beneficiary Agencija lokalne demokracije Sisak/ LDA Sisak
Grant value 53.679,45 €
IPA contribution 45.627,53 € (85%)
Partners in CRO Local Action Group Vallis Colapis, Sunflower Centre for Community Development
BiH beneficiary Youth Communication Centre Banja Luka
Grant value 50.154,91 €
IPA contribution 42.631,67 € (85%)
Partners in BIH Youth Centre Laktaši, Association Most

Project objectives/short summary


The project contributed to improvement of inter-municipal cross-border co-operation and development of innovative community-based services through establishment of four local voluntary services and a cross-border network of nine civil society organizations dealing with active citizenship. This project is a continuation of the project "Volunteering for Cross-Border Community Development" implemented within the 1st Call for Proposal of the CBC Programme CRO-BiH.
Voluntary services were established in cross-border area of Croatia (Ozalj and Vrginmost) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Gradiška and Laktaši). The project focused on increasing capacities of established voluntary services, developing voluntary programs and management of voluntary activities through sharing of knowledge and experience. In total 312 citizens were registered as volunteers while 268 were engaged in 71 voluntary programs and volunteered 6.658 hours. Voluntary services were provided to 4.844 beneficiaries.
Two seven-day voluntary work camps were organized which gathered young participants from seven different towns in two countries. Participants gained new knowledge and working skills and become aware of the importance and the benefits of the voluntary work.
A cross-border network of nine civil society organizations was established. The aim of this network is to promote stronger connections between similar CSOs, strengthening of their capacities for further joint activities and for taking a lead role in their communities regarding active citizenship and especially volunteering.
Measure Measure 2.2: Improved accessibility to community based services
Project start date 11/12/2012       
Project duration 12 months
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