Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

BBio Project

Project title BBio Project
CRO beneficiary RERA S.D
Grant value 207.576,52 €
IPA contribution 161.141,65 € (77,63%)
Partners in CRO Nature Park Biokovo
BiH beneficiary Ministry of Economy, WHC
Grant value 177.711,91 €
IPA contribution 141.477,62 € (79,61%)
Partners in BIH Association for Protection and Preservation of Indigenous Domestic Animal Breeds

Project objectives/short summary


Aim of this project is the preservation of agro-biodiversity of Mediterranean rocky pastures through the establishment of two gene centres for autochthonous breeds' of local landraces in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia (Biokovo Nature Park). Main activities consists in the establishment of a multipurpose hall of the Centre for genome conservation of indigenous breeds and education Buhovo, as well as of the educational-informative centre for preservation of autochthonous breeds in Ravna vlaška together with a stable for autochthonous breeds equipped with solar panels.
In Bosnia and Herzegovina, within the Ministry of Economy – Government of West Herzegovina Canton, a division for animal husbandry was established within this as a precondition for improvement of breeders' knowledge on breeds' productivity and animal health and welfare. Numerous training workshops were delivered to participants from project area with goal to improve the competitiveness of native breeds and traditional products, improve animal welfare in the traditional and integrated systems of livestock production, production technology, marketing and numerous other topics. Project team in consultation with the Faculty of Forestry selected a representative sample of pastures for which a detailed study of flora and vegetation is carried out with emphases on Natura 2000 habitats. Project aims to ensure sustainable protection of pastures in wider area on the base of results of study created under this project. Under this project a first cross-border exhibition of the ˝buša˝ cow was organised in September 2014 in Zadvarje (Croatia).
Measure Measure 2.1: Environmental protection
Project start date 15/06/2013
Project duration 24 months
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