Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project Pipeline Development Workshops

In order to improve necessary cross-border partnerships and to help potential applicants to prepare for the forthcoming Calls for Proposals, Directorate for European Integrations BiH (DEI) in close coordination with relevant RDAs and with the assistance of EU CORIN organized two Project Pipeline Development Workshops at the sites where antennae are located – first in Banja Luka (October 23, 2008) and in Mostar (October 29, 2008). JTS/antennae staff was actively involved in preparation and implementation of PPD workshops.

The mail goal of PPD Workshops was to establish a data base of project ideas where potential participants from BiH could publish their project ideas by sending them in project fiche template. Using this database, potential cross-border partners would have a chance to contact potential partners from BiH and to establish necessary partnerships. Operating Structure in Croatia MRDFWM was specifically requested to share the information on the availability of the project pipe-line at the DEI web-site with the potential applicants in the eligible areas directly, or through the network of JTS and antennae. Data base of project ideas can be downloaded here.

For first PPDW in Banja Luka list of first 40 project fiches was shared with 110 participants present at the workshop. Second PPDW held in Mostar gathered 70 participants, mostly from Herzegovina region and there was presented 30 project fiches.


Banja Luka 23.10.2008.

During the workshops, anonymous examples of well elaborated fiches were presented to the participants, as well as examples of project fiches not fulfilling the required standards along with guidance on their improvement. Participants were organized in four working groups where they had a chance to discuss their ideas. The workshop also provided an opportunity to potential applicants to explore possibilities for cooperation with the institutions /organizations which could be their BiH partners or associates in the project application. At the end of the PPDW, an on-line project-pipeline database was presented to potential applicants, including demo-case on filling the form on-line.


Mostar October 29, 2008.