Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

February 11th 2015

logoJoint Technical Secretariat of Cross Border Programme Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with the Contracting Authorities of the Programme, the Agency for Regional Development in the Republic of Croatia and the EU Delegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina, on 10th February 2015 organized Workshop for the preparation of the final report. The workshop was organized for grant beneficiaries of project selected under 2nd Call for Proposals from both countries. The workshop was organized in the Hotel Falkensteiner, Majstora Radovana 7 in Zadar, Croatia with total of 34 participants. The workshop was focused on the following topics:

• The importance of the Final Report as a contractual obligation,

• The importance of cooperation of both grant beneficiaries in the preparation of report,

• The most common errors that affect eligibility of costs.

Photo gallery from the workshop is available at this link

December 16th 2014

ProgresOn December 16th 2014 in the Municipality of Nijemci final conference of the project "PROGRESS - Protection of Nature and Globalisation of Renewable Energy Sources." is organised. The Municipality Nijemci as a leading partner from the Republic of Croatia and NGO NERDA from Bosnia and Herzegovina presented realized activities of the project including the results of study on the potential use of renewable energy for the area of LAG Bosutski niz and for the area of Municipalities Gračanica and Kalesija. Upon completion of the formal part of the conference seventy participants visited the demonstration facilities located in the town Nijemci. Visitors had the opportunity to see solar power plant with 4.12 kW of installed power at the Municipal building as well as rotatable solar power plant with total capacity of 10 kW installed at the promenade along the Bosut. During the visit new LED lamps purchased and installed under this project as tool for reduction of use of electricity and lowering impact on environment were presented to all participants. More information about the project and implemented project activities is available on the website of the project

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