Cross Border Programme - Croatia | Bosnia and Herzegovina

15.rujna/septembra 2015.

Ministarstvo regionalnoga razvoja i fondova Europske unije objavilo je Javni poziv za dodjelu sredstava Fonda za sufinanciranje provedbe EU projekata na regionalnoj i lokalnoj razini za 2015. godinu. Sredstva Fonda su bespovratna i namjenska, a usmjeravaju se za sufinanciranje provedbe EU projekata na regionalnoj i lokalnoj razini korisnicima koji imaju sklopljen Ugovor o dodjeli bespovratnih sredstava iz fondova EU za programska razdoblja 2007.-2013. i 2014.-2020.

Za korištenje bespovratnih sredstava mogu se kandidirati jedinice lokalne i područne (regionalne) samouprave, pravne osobe u većinskom vlasništvu ili suvlasništvu jedinica lokalne i područne (regionalne) samouprave i ustanove čiji su osnivači jedinice lokalne i područne (regionalne) samouprave.

Raspoloživi iznos sredstava koji se dodjeljuje u postupku javnog poziva je 150.000.000,00 HRK. Poziv je otvoren do iskorištenja sredstava planiranih za 2015. godinu, a najkasnije do 31. prosinca 2015.

Zahtjevi za dodjelu sredstava Fonda zaprimaju se od 14. rujna 2015. 

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July 7th 2015

Final event of the BBio project "Sustainable development of the border regions through preservation of autochthonous breeds and establishment of gene centres in Buhovo and Biokovo" was held on June 30th 2015 in Makarska and in Ravna Vlaška on the Biokovo mountain. BBio is a project with total value of 385,288.43 euros financed under the measure 2.1 - environmental protection of the CBC Programme Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina 2007-2013.
Around 60 participants of the final event had the opportunity to see educational and information centre in Stara Vlaška under professional guidance of the staff working in the Public Institution 'Nature Park Biokovo'' as well as of the project team. The participants had the opportunity to see indigenous breeds located in the centre, taste cheese made from the milk of busha cows (one of the main activities under this project was to set preconditions for development of animal husbandry in the project area) and to see the information panels related to animal husbandry and culture on Biokovo mountain financed under this project. All these activities were organised under professional guidance of Mr. Roman Ozimec - one of the experts involved in the implementation of the project.
Upon completion of the field visit, promotion of the book "Traditional varieties and breeds of Dalmatia" was organised. Mr. Roman Ozimec, co-editor and co-author of the book and Mr. Frano Strikić, co-author of the book presented parts of the book related to preservation of autochthonous breeds as a part of a wider initiative in the project area. The book was published in cooperation with UNDP and largely overlaps with the initiative and planned results of the BBio project.

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July 2nd 2015

IMG 6390IRRI - The Irrigation Project implemented in the Vukovar-Srijem County was selected as the most successful local EU project in the Republic of Croatia in the period from 2012 to 2014. Among 21 project which competed for the most successful project implemented by the Croatian local governments and co-financed by the EU funds through various programmes, the most successful one was selected based on the number of citizen's votes collected on the website of the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds and the evaluation points of the
committee established by the Ministry.

The project, with a total value of 240,500 euros, was implemented as part of the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Croatia - Bosnia and Herzegovina. During 18 months of project implementation, which lasted from December 2012 to June 2014, 13 demonstration plots in the municipalities of Lovas and Tompojevci in Croatia were equipped with irrigation systems, devices for soil moisture control and agro-meteorological stations. Irrigation investments in Croatia totalled to 127.200 euros and in the municipalities of Odžak and Šamac in Bosnia and Herzegovina to 113.300 euros. The project delivered also a Study on the current situation in irrigation as well as the Irrigation Registry of the Vukovar-Srijem County and of the two municipalities of Odžak and Šamac (BiH). In addition, educational trainings for farmers were organized and a Regional Irrigation Network was established which brings together the municipalities of Lovas and Tompojevci (Croatia) and municipalities of Odžak and Šamac (BiH).

The prize was awarded to the mayor of the municipality of Lovas, Ms Tanja Paša by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development and EU Funds Mr Branko Grčić during the Award Ceremony held in Zagreb. Speaking about the Irrigation project IRRI, Mr Grčić stressed out that it is a project that with a relatively small amount of funding brought great benefit to the local community and its economic development.

GrcicHe reminded that, in the new EU financial perspective, by the year 2020 Croatia will have at disposal 10.7 billion euros and that the experience of countries that joined the EU prior to Croatia shows that an efficient use of the EU funds could increase GDP by 1 to 2 percent per year. Moreover, Mr Grčić said that, through the implementation of projects directly or through indirect benefits produced by the projects, such economic growth means opening of around 15 thousand new jobs per year.

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